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Hi! I’m Andreina Arena. Welcome to the Password website!
If you are searching for a reliable partner to handle your translation needs and ensure that your message gets across, you’ve come to the right place! Let us be your ‘Password’ to new opportunity and success.


We work with leading professionals in the fields of translating and interpreting. If you need to communicate effectively in a foreign language, you can rely on our competence, experience and quality. If your message is important, make sure it’s in the right hands.


For us, quality is more than a guideline. It governs our choice of the best professional resources and determines our use of the most advanced technological solutions.


Highly qualified professionals to translate your documentation. Expert copywriters for your advertising and promotions. Experienced interpreters for your multi-lingual meetings.


Terminology databases, corporate glossaries and style guides developed over twenty years of activity.



Our translators work only in their mother tongue and satisfy three essential prerequisites:

  • perfect knowledge of the source language
  • specific qualifications in translating
  • Over 20 years’ experience in language services

We use the best and most common CAT (Computer Assisted Translating) tools to store and process source language and target language text in parallel. Our translators use dedicated, language-specific translation memories for all customers.


Highly qualified, experienced, mother tongue professionals.
We offer a range of services in Italy and abroad:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Negotiation interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)
  • Support for training courses in foreign languages
  • Hostesses and interpreters for conferences and trade fairs

Page layout

Our DTP team and our translators work hand in hand to solve any problems arising from the formatting of foreign language text in pre-defined layouts. We also collaborate with external printers and DTP studios to ensure that translated text is imported correctly into graphic processing environments.


We have been providing language services since 1996, and are the preferred supplier to leading companies in Italy and abroad.


English – French – German – Spanish – Catalan – Irish – Portuguese – Dutch – Flemish – Greek – Danish – Swedish – Norwegian – Finnish – Russian – Ukrainian – Polish – Bulgarian – Romanian – Hungarian – Czech – Slovak – Slovenian – Croatian – Serbian – Bosnian – Albanian – Macedonian – Belarusian – Kazak – Estonian – Latvian – Lithuanian – Turkish – Arabic – Chinese – Thai – Japanese – Korean – Vietnamese – Icelandic – Hebrew – Malay – Uzbek – Indonesian … etc.


Our extensive network of translators includes specialists in various areas of business and industry, so we can always find the right person for any job.


Word, Power Point, Excel, Indesign, Page Maker. These are just some of the applications we offer to save you money on page layout downstream. Call us for further details.


We have held certification according to the following standards since February 2002:

ISO 9001:2008, UNI – EN 15038 (Translation Services), UNI 10574 (Interpreting Services), issued by the international certification body DNV.
We are members of UNILINGUE, the association of Italian language service companies.


Our in-house team is happy to discuss your needs and find the best way to satisfy them. We are committed to the open exchange of knowledge and ideas as a way to develop personal, informed and transparent relationships.


All documents entrusted to us are treated as private and confidential. We implement various layers of security to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your files and documents.


All our projects have been completed with quality and competence and delivered within the set deadline. The terminology database they created has always been respected by translators and has even been imported into our own CAT system. Password has always supported us in overcoming problems of all kinds.

Biesse Spa

Working with Andreina Arena and the Password team means :
1) always achieving your objectives in terms of translation quality and deadlines;
2) an easier life, because the Password team always comes up with a solution that satisfies your requirements and supports you with total professionalism.

Here at Fom Industrie, we go to Password not only to translate complete technical manuals in all language combinations, but for short communications too. Whatever the job, Password always handles it with the utmost professionalism. For us, Password is a guarantee of quality.

Fom Industrie Spa

We have always been very happy with Password. We work in the field of insurance and some of the terms we use are quite abstruse. Despite this, Password’s translations have always been perfectly correct.

Euler Hermes Italia

“The translation and interpreting services that Password provides have always lived up to our expectations.  Password has always demonstrated the greatest professionalism, with rapid deliveries and reliable quality. They have also shown exceptional willingness to cater for the special requests we have made of them from time to time.”

Confindustria Pesaro Urbino

We have worked with Password for quite some time now and their service has always been prompt and reliable. Quality has always been excellent and prices highly competitive compared to those of competitors who have contacted us over the years. We have always enjoyed excellent collaboration even in areas outside the core business of translation. Password has always dealt successfully with the urgent jobs we have given them, and has never missed a delivery. The staff and the principal have always demonstrated courtesy and helpfulness. I would gladly recommend Password to anybody who needs the services they offer. There is always room for improvement, of course, but Password seems determined to improve too!

Faber Spa

We trust in Password for many years now, as the team is flexible, very responsive and the quality of the work is always high-level. If you need a reliable partner for your translations, this is the place to go.

Dr. Eva-Maria Leitner

A dependable and professional translation agency. Jobs are always delivered rapidly and to the highest standards of quality.

Sice Srl

We turned to Password after failing to find a translation service able to handle our highly specific technical documentation. Thanks to their team of industry-specialist mother tongue translators, we no longer have any problems in this area. Their translations are correct and accurate and even our tightest deadlines are respected. And the helpfulness of Andreina and the whole Password team is thoroughly appreciated too! We have been delighted with Password’s services since 2011.

Rototec Spa

For us, Password is an indispensable partner. They have always managed to combine efficiency and quality in translation with speed and respect for agreed deadlines.

The clearest proof of the competence of Andreina Arena and her team?

Completely spontaneous complements paid to one of our customers in the music business, for an excellent German translation that effectively conveyed both the emotional aspects and the most technical content of an important academic work.

Studio Buschi


If you need any other information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Our team will be happy to give you all the assistance you need.


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